Organize Your Life With This DIY 3D Printed Wunderlist Task Printer

Wunderlist Task Printer: A Great Introductory Project to Electronics

Now, 3D printing your own 2D printer might sound like a challenging excursion, and the Wunderlist Task Printer project does require some time and effort to complete. But this DIY project is perfect for those looking searching for an obtainable introduction to combining 3D printing technology and electronics.

After the printing process is completed, Hodson breaks down the electronics assembly, software installation, and even provides the full code needed to operate and test the printer. So, if undertaking an ambitious

Adafruit-based 3D printing project has been sitting uncheck on your own personal to-do list, take a crack at building Wunderlist Task Printer and never forget another grocery item or important task again!

You can check out the full instructional for Hodson’s project on his website

Prototyping Corner.

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